Walk to School Day Tomorrow

Join the City of Rockville for its annual Walk to School Day event Wednesday, October 3. Students and parents will be meeting at three locations at 8:30am: Rockcrest Park and Crawford Drive (meet at Rockcrest Park); Rockland Avenue and Ridgeway Avenue; and Atlantic Avenue and Wainwright Avenue (meet at Twinbrook Rec Center). City of Rockville police officers have been asked to provide extra help at busy crossings. A representative from the City of Rockville will be at the walker door (Wainwright Ave.) to count the kids as they enter school, including Safety Patrol members. Please check out pedestrian safety tips from Rockville.

The City could also use an extra volunteer at the main door to count any walkers that come in that way. If you can help or you have questions, please contact Stephanie Diaz.


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