Box Tops, Labels, and Coke Points

Box Tops for Education

Did you know that the little “Box Tops for Education” coupon  products is worth 10 cents for our school? Just clip and save the Box Tops coupons and and send them in to the school.

Box Tops for Education is now digital.  Download the Box Tops for Education app onto your phone and select Twinbrook Elementary School.  Then scan your store receipts to find participating products.  The app will automatically credit the school’s Box Tops earnings online.  There is no need to clip and send Box Tops to school, but you can still do so for now.  Physical Box Top clips are being phased out of production, but may continue to be found on many products throughout the store.  Visit for more information.

Box Tops for Education

Campbell’s Labels for Education

Did you know that you can help our school get free educational equipment by saving UPC labels from Campbell brand products. Just cut off and save the UPC label and the Campbell logo and send in to the school.

Labels For Education  

Coke Rewards

Did you know that we save Coke points to use for purchasing extra supplies for school? Look for codes on Coke product lids or boxes and send in to the school.