Urgent: The Twinbrook ES PTA Needs a Treasurer

We are stepping up our search for a treasurer for the Twinbrook ES PTA. Our bylaws require a treasurer, and if no one steps up our PTA will be in violation of our bylaws and Maryland PTA bylaws and may be dissolved.

What does it mean to be a treasurer?

1. Your would be a board member – you would attend monthly board meetings and get to vote as a board member on important matters.

2. You would prepare a yearly budget.

3. You would prepare budget reports for board meetings and for regular PTA meetings.

4. You would deposit and write checks.

5. You would not be alone or overwhelmed. You would have the support of the rest of the board (many of whom are newbies too) and you would have the support of former PTA board members who are always glad to answer questions and point you in the right direction. The national, state, and county PTAs also have resources to help you.

If you can balance a checkbook and if you can attend one or two nightly meetings a month, you are qualified. Please contact our president, Kimberly Carter, at kmbo27@yahoo.com. You can also contact me, the PTA secretary, at sharshdiaz@gmail.com.

We are also looking for two delegates to the Montgomery County Council of PTAs, volunteers for the Latino Outreach Committee, and a volunteer coordinator. Please contact us if you are interested.

The PTA supports your school and your community. Please help support your PTA.

Stephanie Diaz, Twinbrook ES PTA Secretary

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