Big Learning Science Winter Session still has openings


Big LearningTwinbrook still has openings for students in Grades K-5 for the Wednesday Chemistry Classes:

Chemistry Detectives (Grades K-1)
Sleuthing for science! Children experiment with mixtures,solutions, acids, and bases to help solve our gold paper caper, and make glue.

Chemistry Creations (Grades 2-3)
Every kitchen has a fully stocked laboratory! Children enjoy the magic of changing colors, liberating gases, and see how chemical reactions can identify unknowns.

Your Own Mini-Lab (Grades 4-5)
Children make cheese, glue, and play putty in their own mini-lab! They have fun with viscosity, solubility, and acid/base reactions.

Classes will begin in a few weeks. Contact Michelle Manning for more information, or click go to Big Learning to register!


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