Boosterthon Kickoff

BoosterthonBoosterthon has officially kicked off at Twinbrook Elementary!

Did your child talk about a fun and enthusiastic presentation from Boosterthon today?

Did they start packing a bag for Camp High Five? Well, that’s a fictional camp so hopefully they haven’t. 😉

Nonetheless, children learned all about the fun Boosterthon program and how our school and students will be better friends because of it!


Respect Others, Shout Out Strengths, Don’t Bully, Stick Together and Show Sportsmanship

These are the Camp High Five Principles that each Twinbrook student will learn, which can be found on the back of their pledge books.

Pledge books? Those fun tri-fold pamphlets that came home today. Those will record each pledge that your child receives from parents, family and friends. This will show each student that they’re supported in their goals and will raise much needed funds for indoor recess games and activities for Twinbrook ES.

Pledges earned October 29th ONLY! : 10% of total classroom pledges will go back to the class!

Please familiarize yourself with the form sent home last week, the flyer sent home today and the pledge book. If your child has gotten new pledges, make sure they show their teacher every morning.

Questions/Concerns: Contact A’Jeenah Chavez at

Don’t forget to give your child a big HIGH FIVE!

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